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Komal Kumar's Namo Boothatma: A Fresh Take On Horror Genre

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Comedian turned actor Komal Kumar is gearing up for his latest movie Namo Boothatma. The movie is a horror comedy. It is the first time when a mixture of horror and comedy has been blended in a Kannada movie. The actor gave his inputs about the movie in an interview with Filmibeat on the eve of the release.

Filmibeat: Why a horror-comedy?
Komal Kumar: We attempted to make something new for the Kannada audience. People are bored with seeing the same type of movie every week. They crave for variety and we want to be the ones who provide it.

Filmibeat: How is the response for the movie?
Komal Kumar: The songs have been appreciated by the fans and has gone viral on the social media. We hope that the people will love the movie in the same way. There is a lot of curiosity among the viewers. They are expecting to watch something new for a change.

Filmibeat: Can you tell us what the movie is all about?
Komal Kumar: The movie revolves around the existence of ghosts. Many people believe that ghosts do exist, while many refute all such claims. We don't give a verdict about whether ghosts do exist or not, it is left to the viewers' discretion. What we have done is spun a comical tale around ghost stories.

Filmibeat: What is your role in the movie?
Komal Kumar: I am a guy who wants to save his ancestral property. My character comes back to his native village. But he encounters various troubles while trying to save his home. This is where the supernatural angle comes in.

Filmibeat: Is this an original script?
Komal Kumar: No, the movie is a remake of Tamil movie Yaamirukka Bayamey. But we have added our own inputs and changes to make it more pleasing and enjoyable for the Kannada audience.

Filmibeat: We heard that you will be dancing with four heroines in one song. Is it true?
Komal Kumar: No, this is not true. I will be dancing with two heroines. The movie does have four heroines because the script demands it. They are not in the film for glamour quotient. The heroines have their own background story in the movie.

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