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Shruthi Denies Allegations Of Assaulting Maidservant

Kannada actress Shruthi, who has won million hearts with her sterling performance, has made it to the headlines for several wrong reasons in recent years. The Sandalwood star is now back in news this time again for another wrong reason. She is facing charges of allegedly harassing her maidservant. But she has denied the claims made by her maid. Instead, she claims that the latter cheated upon her and is now spoiling her image by making false charges against her.

Shobha, who had been working as a housemaid at Shruthi's residence in Basaveshwara Nagar for the last four years, recently appeared on a Kannada TV News channel and alleged that the actress assaulted her and threatened to kill her for making her personal affairs public. She had also fired her from work taking her signature on a white paper. The main said that she is going to take legal action against her by lodging a complaint with the police.

Responding to her maidservant Shobha's allegations, Shruthi admitted that she had fired her from work, but denied threatening to kill her. She said, "I chided her when I came to know that she cheated upon me by revealing my private life to neighbours and others. But I have not abused her physically."

The actress continued, "She has cheated me. She used tell whereabouts and other personal stuffs to a third person, who used to harass me. I was bit upset with this leakage of my personal affairs. Later, I came to know that it was the servant, who was leaking my personal information." Continue to slide to read what Shurthi has to say about her maid.

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