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Prem Kahani – Review

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Prem Kahani
Earlier, director R Chandru and actor Ajay Kumar combo has made the movie Taj Mahal, which was a love story with different angle and it was a hit movie. Now, duo has teamed up again for the movie Prem Kahani. As the title itself suggests, this movie is also a love story, but with different definition to love.

Most of the movies deal with the subject love and end with a happy note without giving any message. These movies entertain the new generation. While doing so, unknowingly, they misguide youths. But R Chandru-Ajay combo"s second venture Prem Kahani is a movie with an important message to younger generation especially, for those who neglect their parents while choosing their life partners. When compared to Taj Mahal, the movie Prem Kahani is very closer to reality.

The story is the first hero of the movie. The highlights of the movie are Ajay and Sheela"s acting, Ilayaraja"s music, Chandru's dialogues and Chandrashekhar's cinematography. The weaknesses of the movie are editing and narration of story in the second half.

The movie Prem Kahani is mass in the first half and class movie in the second half. The first half is quite jolly with slum dweller Manja chasing girls and a rich girl Sandhya falling in love with him. In the second half, the film becomes very serious and it makes the audience tighten their seat belts with Sandhya sacrificing her gorgeous life for lover and facing problems to run the livelihood. Although the second half is interesting, it might prove to be a test for mass audiences.

Sandhya is a girl from a very rich and cultured family from Sadasivanagar. Manja is a slum dweller from Shrirampur. Sandhya is infatuated by Manja"s bahaviour. She neglects her parents' love and concern, while choosing her life-partner. She sacrifices her gorgeous life and prefers humble dwelling. After marrying Manja, what kind of problems she faces will form the second half of the movie.

Besides having a realistic touch to the story, director Chandru seems to have gone forward to support feminist ideas. Even though the movie ends with tragedy, the heroine does not take it as a failure of her life. She says that Manja became a lover, but he accepted the defeat while facing the challenges of real life. She says despite being a widow, she is not weak and she has not lost the hope of life.

Actress Sheela is the main highlight of the show. Her character is the centre and story revolves around her role. She has got lot of scope to prove her mettle in the movie and she has used it to deliver wonderful performance. As slum-dweller Manja, Ajay Kumar also rocks the audience. One can clearly notice hell lot of improvements in his acting when compared to his previous movie Taj Mahal. Rangayana Raghu has created a new image for himself. NL Narendra Babu also appears in a special role. Rajesh, Sudha Belavadi, Lokanath, Mico Nagaraj and Tennis Krishna have done their best in making the movie interesting.

It is worth mentioning that editor AM Prakash could have bettered the movie Prem Kahani even more by doing little more trimming work. However, Ilayaraja"s music compensates this weakness. His music for four songs is very melodious and haunts the audience"s mind. Chandru's dialogues and Chandrashekhar's camera work should be commended for breathing life in the story.

However, in the end, it should be said when Kannada film industry is suffering from remakes and lack of creativity, director R Chandru has done lot of home work and has done a creative movie. If you are a real Kannadiga, you should watch the movie Prem Kahani to support creative director like R Chandru to strengthen the Kannada film industry.

Producer: Vishwanath Reddy and G Ravikuamr

Director: R Chandru

Cast: Ajay Kumar, Sheela, Rangayan Raghu, NL Narendra Babu, Rajesh, Sudha Belavadi, Lokanath, Mico Nagaraj and Tennis Krishna

Music: Ilayaraja

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