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Chaddi Dosth - Movie Review

After Victory, Chaddi Dosth is another comedy tonic for the Kannada audience. Rangayana Raghu and Sadhukokila, who are the comedy masters in Sandalwood, has joined hands, which has soured up the high expectations on the movie.

Comedy is the main theme of Chaddi Dosth. The audience will never be disappointed with Rangayana Raghu's comedy timing and Sadhu Kokila's mannerism. Comedy is given more importance in this movie. Director Shekar, who has given the movies like Nayaka and Romeo has not given that much importance to the storyline, but he is successful in giving punching comedy dialogues. Sadhu Kokila is paired opposite Roopa Shree and Rangayana Raghu is paired opposite Ashwini Gowda.


Chaddi Dosth deals with the story of a village guy Ranganna (Rangayana Raghu), who comes to Bangalore in search of his brother-in-law. He accidentally meets his childhood friend (Chaddi Dosth) Kaadhim played by Sadhu Kokila. He will be involved in pickpocketing and smuggling. They both take the mission of searching Ranganna's brother-in-law. In this course, they will also find their love interests. Though they are not good looking, they try to impress their love interests. It is completely filled with comedy line, which should be enjoyed by watching the movie on Silver screen. Continue reading the review on slides...

Chaddi Dosth - Movie Review
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