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Rajani Kantha Review - A good story lost due to bad narration

Written by: Prakash Upadhyaya

Vijay has grown as an actor over the years. With his ability to do action sequences without using body double, the Duniya star has created a niche for himself in the Sandalwood.

In the recent years, his movies have done reasonably well at the Box Office and his last flick Bheema Theeradalli, which was later rechristened as Chandappa, won him lot of appreciation for his brilliant performance despite the film being marred by controversies.

Now, Duniya Vijay is back with Rajani Kantha. The movie has generated a good hype through trailers and songs, not to forget his recent personal life issues. Let us see what the movie has to offer. Read on for the review...

Vijay, for the first time, has done dual roles of Rajani and Kantha. While the former is born with cleft lip with problems of speech, the latter, the younger one, is a normal human, who is also known as a trouble-maker. Their mother's care and affection towards the elder son due to his disability makes Kantha jealous.

When they grow up, Rajani will be a good student, who is serious about his career, and Kantha is a careless boy. They also fall for the same girl Priya (Aindrita Ray), a sister of a rowdy. What will happen next? Will the siblings fight each other for their love? Nope. The younger, though jealous of his brother for getting more attention from his mother, displays his never-shown love for his brother and sacrifices his love so that his girlfriend love Rajani. Continue reading the review on the slideshow...

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