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Simple Agi Ondh Love Story Review

Written by: Rajendra Chintamani

Simple Aagi Ondh Love Story is one movie that generated huge hype without any star being in the main cast. Neither actors nor technical team were known for cine-goers. But the movie stunned everyone when a trailer of the movie was released. More importantly, the video-clip become a sensation among netizens as the trailer became a big hit and went viral.

Youngsters enjoyed the presentation and dialogues in the trailer and it is through them, the video-clip spread on cell phones and social networking sites. After creating so much of hype, Simple Aagi Ondh Love Story finally hit the screens today (March 8). The film directed by Suni was planned with a budget of Rs 30 lakhs but ended up with Rs 1.50 crore! However, let us see whether it has lived up to the expectations of the audience. Read on for the review...

The story of Simple Aagi Ondh Love Story is all about a boy Kushal (Rakshith Shetty), who meets an unknown girl and falls for her. Their meeting becomes a platform for them to open up on their past love stories. But the difference in the story is that their present characters become a part of their flashbacks and they will be shown as a couple.

In between, the story takes us to the present and their growing friendship. As expected, they start liking each other but when the moment comes for Kushal to express his love, the story takes a twist and we are told that the girl is suffering from short-term memory loss. In the climax, there are a few turns, which cannot be missed. What happens next should be seen on-screen. Continue reading the review on the slideshow...

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