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Tony Movie Review

Written by: Prakash Upadhyaya

A man takes inspiration from a motivational speech made by American self-help author Anthony Robbins and decides to be successful in life. His intentions are very clear - become a billionaire without working hard, but by doing only smart work! This is the mantra of the role played by Srinagar Kitty in Tony.

Srinagar Kitty is back with Tony. The actor, who has got moderate success and above-average hits, is yet to register a superhit in the mass films. The latest movie is a philosophical thriller with mass outlook. Will he finally be able to deliver a mega hit? Read on to know it...

The movie begins on a very interesting note. The film draws your attention instantly with Keshava, who rechristened his name to Tony after getting inspired by Anthony Robbins' speech, waking up on the footpath. He gets a call from an unknown person, who tells him that his girlfriend Pammi (Aindrita Ray) has been kidnapped. The unfamiliar voice assigns him a work and threatens Tony by saying that he would kill his sweetheart if he doesn't follow his instructions. 

A flashback opens up, and the love story of Tony and Pammi is told. The unemployed Keshava (Kitty) wants to earn quick bucks in a smart way. An offer that suits him comes his way. His job is to buy simcards with fake identities and follow the orders given by the mysterious persons. The narration keeps juggling between the present and the past.

Cut to the present, the unknown voice assigns him a series of jobs without revealing any information about him. Keshava has been working for an organised crime gang without even being aware of it. On the other end, Ashok Kumar (Suchendra Prasad) is worried about the increasing network of the gang and wants to break the mystery. Continue reading the story on the slideshow...
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