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Topiwala Movie Review

Written by: Prakash Upadhyaya

Last year for Upendra was good with three out of four movies doing decent business. The Real Star is back with his latest flick Topiwala directed by newcomer MJ Srinivas. One thing that drew audience attention about the film was the name of the Real Star in the credits of 'story and screenplay'.

It is no surprise that Upendra's story and screenplay have hardly failed to impress audience. Thanks to his ability to keep the audience engaged with his narration. It is for this reason he is considered as a master storyteller in the Sandalwood.

So, will Topiwala live up to the expectations of the audience? Read on for the review...

Topiwala begins on an interesting note with late Shankar Nag's voice mocking at our corruption and black money at Swiss Bank. The title card, like Uppi's Super, is funny and enjoyable. Next we are shown cops being beaten up at several places by goons.

But soon we realise that cops in goons' avatar were catching culprits, who cheat people by wearing khaki. And their boss is none other than Basak (Upendra). He is a master mind, who steals money and easily escapes from police.

Ramayana Raghu played by Rangayana Raghu wants to catch Basak at any cost but the intelligent criminal walks out every time, thereby giving hard times to the cop. The first half is about their Tom and Jerry game but builds a platform for the second half.

A full corrupted politician reveals his secret code to access his Swiss account to Mr India, a beggar (Biridar). The politician's son tries to get the code but of no use. As a result, the former beats him on his head and the latter losses his memory. Then, a series of characters are shown including Bhavana. The rest of the story revolves around it. In spite of getting good start, Topiwala fails to keep audience attention in the first half. There are quite a few unnecessary scenes and drama that could have been easily avoided. However, the film successfully holds the curiosity all through the movie. Continue reading on the slideshow...

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