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Crazy Star (Krazy Star) - Movie Review - A Tribute To Ravichandran's Fans

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The much-anticipated movie of the year 2014, Crazy Star has finally hit the silver screen, today. Though it is well known fact that the movie is the remake of Malayalam movie Traffic, there were high expectations on the movie.

The movie is special for few reasons. Crazy Star Ravichandran is paired opposite Priyanka Upendra in the film, who was his co-star in Blockbuster hit Malla ten years ago. It is also marking the on-screen debut of Ravichandran's son Vikram. Apart from playing the title role, Ravichandran has also produced and directed the movie. Usually it's Ravichandran's style to give the introduction for his movies differently. Same way here the movie starts with the text that reads 'Mobile Switch Off Maadi Manasu Open Maadi (Turn of your mobile phones and open your heart). The text directly predicts that it is another Ravichandran movie with the main theme Love, but the multi-narrative plot intertwines the multiple stories around one particular incident.

It deals with the story of an actor Crazy Star Ravichandran, which is played by Ravi himself. Though he will be married and has a lovable family with a charming wife (Priyanka Upendra) and a daughter, prefers art and thinks that art is his life. In the course, he neglects his family. Continue reading the story on slides...

Crazy Star
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