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Nimbehuli - Movie Review: A Paisa Vasool Entertainer

Filmmaker Hemanth Hegde, who had given open challenge for the audience that he would reward them if they don't laugh while watching his directorial venture Nimbehuli, has become successful to an extent. By facing many hurdles from past few months, comedy thriller Nimbehuli has been released across the state.

Beside directing Nimbehuli, Hemanth Hegde has also played the lead role along with Komal Jha, Madhurima, Niveditha, Bullet Prakash and others. As it is Hemanth Hegde's movie, the main highlight of Nimbehuli are adult jokes, which may not be accepted by the conservative and traditional audience. Meanwhile, the double meaning dialogues are the positive point for the movie to reach mass audience.

However, it was well known for the moviegoers that the cricket betting scandal is the main theme of Nimbehuli, which is produced by Bollywood filmmaker Subhash Ghai. Nimbehuli, which was claimed to be the father of all the comedies, is another movie, having the same theme of old Kannada films. The plot reminds us of the classic Kannada movies like Golmaal Radhakrishna, Roll Call Radhakrishna, Chapala Chanigaraya, Gadibidi Ganda, Beda Krishna Ranginata, Pandu Ranga Vitala and others, where a hero will be married to two to three girls. Continue reading the review on slide show...

Nimbehuli Movie Review
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