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3 Char Sau Bees (U/A)

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20 Aug 2010


What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.
  • paramu 4 years ago

    Such a big flop movie. This kind of movie should not be allowed to get a Theater. Ban Govindan kuty even for appearing in films again

  • sudheer 5 years ago

    Ini inganathe padaam eduthaal Kayamkulathu kochunnikkalla,govindankutteee ninakkavum smarakam undakkuka.....malayala cinemayil puthiyathudakkamaanu ennum paraanju ee karam Asianet E-showyil thakarthathu ithinaanalle...thphooooooooooooo....

  • anoop-m-s 5 years ago

    Koooorrrraaaaa padam, poor camera, poor songs,chalu comedy... so borring....

  • a-movie-lover 5 years ago

    went to c the movie just coz i love the name... but i promise that i am gonna beat Govindankooty if he ever appear in front of me... he should not and never make any moves of this kind in the future and he should be deported to Pakistan... let him learn a lesson...

  • suraj 5 years ago

    Went to see the movie just because of Govindankutty!!!! But in last 4 years I haven't seen such a Horrible waste movie...waste music, story etc...lots of people went out in the interval itself...what made you do that...dont you have parents!!!!!!!!!

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