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14 Jun 2013
By : Radha

On : 2013-06-14 16:34:00

watched started slowly bt udan thanne top gear leku mari....pinne climax vare ottapokku...with lot of fantastic senes,comedies...etc...


itz dulquer show all the way..he did a superb job.....his cousin aayi vanna kora yum kollamayirunnu....Most importantly chemistry bw them..thatz the main ve of the movie....actress um kollam...

Last words:-totaly movie is full of ves.....cast perfomances,script,direction ellam athu karanam thanne climax kanumbol chilarku bhodichennu varilla....valare simple aayapole engane oru film nu ee climax e actor nte climax um chilarku ishtapettirunnillallo...So theatre i poyal enthayalum nirasapedenti varilla....thaz sure... climaaxx poraa

My rating :-3.3/5 ...

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