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Chaappa Kurishu

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15 Jul 2011


Chappa Kurishu is a thriller movie.Chappa Kurishu is a slang word used in Kochi, meaning Head or Tail. The film tells the story of Arjun and Ansari, two ...
  • shanmohan 4 years ago

    i really like this movie."shanu" rockssss i became great fan of him.i think he have great future in malayalam filmindustry.verysmart person with good acting skill

  • ansari 4 years ago

    Poda critics gave 3 stars

  • rohan 4 years ago

    Fahad Fazil and Vineeth Srinivasan last 15 Minutes THAKARTHU POLICHU ADUKKI

  • rohan 4 years ago

    Fahad Fazil aka shanu chathu abinayikukayayirunnu..impressive and realistic acting by Fahad Fazil.(the character had no unneccesary overacting)and the next one...Vineeth Srinivasan was absolutely ordinarly realistic. The best Pair choosen for ARJUN and ANSARI. Character Potrayal was impressive. It was a Commercial Movie but not like a Commercial Movie....ARJUN is an angry young man and ANSARI is a simple Animal.. The Last 20 Minutes was one of the Highlight of the Movie.It was REALISTIC and SCARY.

  • vasan 4 years ago

    trailer was just awsome whivh made me tom see the movie. the film,omg, was a shit . maybe the theme is good. poor direction and screenplay . hope thier next movie is good.

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