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City Of God (U)

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23 Apr 2011


City Of God is the Malayalam movie directed by Lijo Pallisserry. The movie is a remake of Portuguese movie City of God (Cidade de Deus). Young super star ...
  • god 5 years ago

    padam poli padam.... city of ghost....

  • john 5 years ago

    I didnt know that the critics here are a bunch of stupid biased people. They are perhaps the admins of this network. So, please dont call yourself critics if you havent studied cinema or dont know how to critically evaluate a movie. And please, this movie is of a completely different genre. its classy, arty, emotionally riveting and is scripted very well. Go for it if you want to see more gangster experiments like these in the malayalam film industry. Being a film critic myself, I will give the movie 3.5/5. And Im very disappointed with the 'critics' here. Please, dont call yourself critics if you are not qualified. There are schools for this, Im trying to make you understand.

  • 123 5 years ago

    shema endanennariyathavar aarenkilum undo???Undenkil udan "CITY OF GOD" cinema poyikaanuka.PRithvirajinte ee varshatte thallipoli padam.

  • linisha 5 years ago

    prithviyettante cinimayayathil poyi kandu pakshe veruthe ente cash poyi cinima pora verum pottan cinema eni nalla cinemayum ayi munnot poyal mathi

  • thara 5 years ago

    cinema pora verum thallipoli eni melil emmathiri cinemayil varenda ulla eshttamkoodi janangalil ellathayipokum

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