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15 Jul 2011


Collector is an action movie. Directed by Anil C Menon. In this filim Suresh Gopi playing the role of Kochin distric Collector Avinash Varma. He is a honest ...
  • 000 4 years ago


  • abhi 4 years ago

    collector is an average hit free ebooks download, utorrent

  • nibef 4 years ago

    ivan enthokke aanavo parayunnathu!! kashtam!

  • buddy 4 years ago

    its like hare and tortoise race people r slowly but surely turning more in nos to theatres, see this movie once u would know its acompelete package movie, just by saying we all like him doesnt make any sense, go and support this genuine movie, make it ahit fr him this movie desreves it. and sureshgopi should also come forward to pull audiences to theatres.

  • avinash 4 years ago

    who says that its collections are down gradually more and more audiences are approaching to theatres to c collectr! it was rumoured to be actn movies but its awhole some family entertainer too, people u all must go and watch it to believe that its truly an actn packd family movie fr all fans of entertaining movies.

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