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De Ingottu Nokkiye

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14 Apr 2008
De Ingottu Nokkiye movie is about Vettikadu Sivan (Jayasurya) who is the young and intelligent man who sets out on a mission to settle a score and give a piece of his mind to his uncle Vettikadu Sadasivan (Jagathy) who happens to be the Chief Minister of the state.

In order to do this, Sivan hatches a plan to get the twin brother of Sadasivan who is settled in Gujarat and is an ordinary banana seller and as expected a bit on the lesser side of intelligence.

However, Sivan gets the banana seller to his state, valiantly kidnaps the real CM with the support of his friends and puts the duplicate in his place. From then on, he keeps guiding the dummy CM at all points and the dummy in his fervor is busy trying to locate his lost love Ammu whom he has adored since a long time.

What follows is a comedy of errors and ridiculous situations which forms the rest of the story.
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