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Gulumal - The Escape

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04 Dec 2009


Gulumal - the escape movie revolves around Ravi Varma(Kunchako Boban) and Jijo(jayasurya) who are two frauds and Jijo's sister. Jijo is a fraud from childhood ...
  • freaker 3 years ago

    fuk off,it was awesome movie with many comedy & the best funny scene is kottayam nazeer's as appi biju hmm :D

  • ramji 4 years ago

    Mithra kurian is something treat to the audience.I love her

  • ram 5 years ago

    One of the worst movies I ever saw. Its same as hindi movie 'bluffmaster' same suspense. Please dont waste ur time by watching this purely boring one. Are the producer and distributor fools? What man.... these kind of films will surely put malayalam film industry in trouble. Experienced actors like Kunchacko and Jayasuriya should have rejected this idiotic movie....totally annoyed with every part of film...

  • shyam 6 years ago

    thank u so much for the movie... it was a good movie.... but the only problem with the movie was Suraj ( the cop) and his assistant.. They were sooo annoying... i can't believe people nowadays actually think these idiots are funny. I wanted to break the computer when I saw these no good retards...

  • matma 6 years ago

    I wish all the sucess to this film. I am the fan of both chakochan and jayan.

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