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30 Aug 2012


Ina movie is a sequel of the I.V Sasi Ina alredy released in 80's. Director Mahesh Karanthur is remaking this film. In 80′s version Master Raghu and Devi ...
  • ruhy 3 years ago

    It was this story copy from Russian movie the blue lagoon please goes to YouTube then type as the blue lagoon so you can see the full movie better than old INA

  • vikram 3 years ago

    The movie has a detailed Kuli scene of the heroine in bra and panty..Climax sex scene is full nude with boobs exposed!!! Must watch

  • manishad 3 years ago

    Hope there will be a detailed KULI scene with Bikini ...and a detailed KALI scene like the original movie. Pl. release fast..Kanan Kothiyayi..

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