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Mar 2002


Kaalachakram movie narrates a fictitious situation in which German scientists created a clone of Hitler from his cells just before he committed suicide because ...
  • sumesh 2 years ago

    this was an awesome story but anyhow too big for malayalam at that time. director sonu sisupal has done excellent music for this movie as well. apart from other drawbacks this movie was humungous in terms of its storyline and theme. the director and needs to be applauded for bringing such a theme into the malayalam b grade movies at that time. This is what is called as new generation stuff . although with a amateurish drawback side to it, it manages to convey its message effectively. the cast was apt for this movie and managing to do considerably well. yogeshkilan,neelam,devan,shiju,jagadesh,siddique and other artists have done well.

  • dev 3 years ago

    what a nonsense film is this ???? this is not at all good in terms of direction and choreography. also big drawback is repetations of many many scenes in single frame of references. means 80% of the movie with same background.

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