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Kanyakumari Express (U)

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19 Nov 2010


Kanyakumari Express movie tells about an Assistant police commisioner Mohan Sanker (Suresh Gopi). He lost his wife and children in an accident and shifted his ...
  • rohan 4 years ago

    this film was utterly nonsense film of SURESH GOPI...

  • a-movie-lover 5 years ago

    Just to warn anyone who is looking to watch this movie!! Please do not lose your time and nerves. This is such a horrible movie with typical suresh gopi 'bullshit'. I used to love suresh gopi movies but this is really way below any standards. Just can't believe that I wasted 2 hrs of my life watching this rubbish. Horrible storyline, horrible acting, horrible action and an even more horrible heroine.

  • arjun 5 years ago

    please cast SAIKUMAR oppossite suresh gopi as villan. their combination is fantastic

  • mr-cool 5 years ago

    hello sureshjii, if any producer or dir approaches u with police role or case solving say a big no to it has destroyed ur career and people are really fed up with u n such roles this movie is a proof of that.keep ur talent and time reserved for good family riented movies u would get arelief from the horrifying darkness creeping to ur of luck for ur future success and please retain ur youthness and fitness.

  • devil 5 years ago

    most atrocious movie

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