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27 Sep 2013


KQ tells the story of two hard working friends, who are from Mattancherry. They spend their earnings each night by drinking. It is at this time a ...
  • nivin-aryanad 2 years ago

    Why you did this Film Mr.Baiju Johnson, Nothing is there,is no creativity and you picked the stuff all are waist. no continuity in that film, One more thing you never try to do another direction again, Pick some good character roles,tats better for you. That Last song shows "ayyyee" I am sure Next guy become a good A Padam HERO :D :D :D Parvathy:: you proved again You cant do any thing in FILMS. these three should know one thing "CINEMA/ACTING IS NOT A SIMPLE THING AND, NO EVERYONE CAN ASSOCIATE WITH THAT.. ITS A GOD'S GRACE AND SKILLS"

  • mitra 2 years ago

    good attempt

  • joji 2 years ago

    Good Photography,songs,story but hero director kill everything

  • emerson 2 years ago

    all the very best annaa...

  • maheshu 2 years ago

    It will b a BLOCKBUSTER movie, am sure

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