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Louis Araman

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30 Dec 2017


Louis Araman is comedy movie. Prithviraj is playing the leading role in this filim. The movie revolves around Louis, Who was born after years of prayers by his ...
  • ajmal 3 years ago


  • syamkumar 4 years ago

    who is the heroine? Samvritha is the most suitable pair for prithvi.

  • vinay-kiran 4 years ago

    the young prince of south india

  • prameel-kumar 4 years ago

    prithvis great hit classmates-25crores mega blockbuster and biggesr hit till release of twenty twenty urumi-14 crores and first blockbuster of 2011 and 2011 first superhit is traffic puthiyamugam-7 crores indian rupee-5 crores manikyakallu -4crores nandanam -6+crores and the biggest hit of year after meesamadhavan

  • hajid 4 years ago

    young superstar ,glamour prithvi

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