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Make Up Man



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11 Feb 2011
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By : Ramesh

On : 2011-02-28 23:40:36

Jagamohan... Cinema is an Entertainment..... This Movie Is an Entertainer...... Evide nalla padam venam venam ennu parayum nall padam vannal neeyoke kanumo.... Nee Trafic kanditundo, Kuttysrank Kanditundo.. Njan ithu 2um kanditundu........ Nodi Arkum vidam........ ee padathinu enthanu...
By : Jagamohan

On : 2011-02-13 19:22:02

After the average movie "Marykkundoru kunjade" Shafi has given a big blow to the fans, still the question exist, why he planned for a new movie to spoil his good name of "mari.. kunjade".... any way my sincere request to peoples who had not watched the movie is pls dont waste time.,....Nobody...
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