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Manushya Mrugam (2011)

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15 Jul 2011


Manushya Mrugam is a crime thriller movie.It has been directed and scripted by Baburaj. This is his second movie. Manushya Mrugam has a huge star cast with ...
  • rajumon 4 years ago

    Enthaayi Asura vithu? Eppo vannu, eppo poyi ennu polum aringilla... kashtam!!!

  • rohan 4 years ago

    Manushya Mrugam is a very good film. high energy movie and definitely requires appreciation for baburaj and crew. well made movie and of course such movies are widely appreciated but lacks on box office. though the script lacks finishing and certain parts should have been improved.adv.attempt by Baburaj for a first time director is appreciating.kalabavan mani is another attraction and gives superb performance as a rude police officer.prithviraj is ok an does justice for the role.manushya mrugam may be a different genre of movie that blew off the usual dance masala stuff from the table and consumes less audience. a 1 time watch movie.thank you

  • sajith 4 years ago

    please afsal,, don't compare asif n prithvi with mohan lal

  • rachel 4 years ago

    There is no competition at all... the saltnpepper boy has a long way to go !! Also all the successful movies u name are not "his" movies, he was just a character in that. So take a chill pill asif is good... but not the glamour-hero type.... !! he can do offbeat movies n roles n be happy !!

  • aghil 4 years ago

    Manushya mrugam Story line s gud bt i felt d director has nt done enuf homework. Screenplay and direction was not up to d mark. There were a lot of imperfections in d whole.

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