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Pattinte Palazhi (U)

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20 Aug 2010


Pattinte Palazhi movie is all about Veena (Meera Jasmine) . Music was not just a passion for Veena, it was her life. Aspiring to become a world renowned ...
  • albert-george 5 years ago

    Pattinte palazhi is a different cinema experience A good story with good screenplay and dialogues. Sincere congratulations to Rajiv Anjal and Dr.Rajendrababu. Azhagappan also deserves comments

  • mini-suresh 5 years ago

    Seen Pattinte palazhi, a very good family entertainer,can see with children,no double meaning words,catchy dialogues,stays in mind.Excellent photography.Songs are good but of the same rythm.

  • sahadevan 5 years ago

    Thanks to the crews of Pattinte palazhi for giving such an excellent moovie.The camera the dialogues,performance by Meera,Manoj,Jagathi,Nedumudi a good applause.

  • karthika-kumar 5 years ago

    Meera,s role in Pattinte palazhi is overall excellent.The first half of the moovie goes little bit of lagging in some areas but the second half has got grip and tightness.The narration is impressive and major attraction of the film is its screenplay and dialogues Manoj also plays well.Two songs are much impressive.The director and the writer done well in shaping an intense emotionalnarration in screen

  • arun-nair 5 years ago

    In a world of Pokkiri rajas and Syamalas,Pattinte palazhi is a relief. The combination of Rajiv Anjal,Dr.Rajendrababu and Azhagappan gifted a good gifted a good cinema.It may not be crowd puller.But this is a pure film of academic standard Beautiful dialogues and powerful camera helped Rajiv Anjal a lot of emotions.Simple narrative with lot of emotions

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