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Pazhassiraja (U/A)

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16 Oct 2009


Pazhassi Raja movie is a historical subject. The movie is all about a King Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja  who belong to Kottayam royal family, revolt against ...
  • devil 4 years ago

    2020 is not floppettan film.......... also casanova is the biggest flop ever

  • illu-boys 4 years ago

    2020 not laalettan movie.....this movie all star movie

  • the-city 5 years ago

    Dear friend, THE TRUTH How dare you are saying Twenty20 is lalettans movie,You bull shit scoundrellllllllllll There is no word to explain your mental status Bleady non sence

  • the-truth 5 years ago

    Pazzasiraja is really aflop because Budget is 27 crores????The best Box office hit lalettans Twenty20 got 25crores,Then how to get 27 crores to pazzasi.maximum7 crores.

  • to-prash 6 years ago

    Kamalahasanum mattullavarum pinne choriyan pokumayirikkum!!? Onnupoda SHAVI

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