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Punyam Aham

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22 Jan 2010


Punyam Aham movie is all about people with dreams, living within those dreams. A search which may not necessarily hold the answer to questions of minds akin. ...
  • malvika 4 years ago

    What Happened to Samrutha in the movie?

  • surya 5 years ago

    excellent movie .................direction of this movie is really good..........Prithiviraj acted well.

  • matt 5 years ago

    it was boring

  • renu 6 years ago

    Hoping to see Punyam Aham soon.. i think it will be a good Prithviraj movie with a difference, like his earlier ones Deivanamathil, Pakal, Akale etc

  • diya 6 years ago

    thats because ur jealous : )

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