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Red Wine


Action - Drama

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21 Mar 2013
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By : Niki

On : 2013-03-21 16:48:52

Itz an Flop movie. Blow avg first
second half Utter Wast Expcly Clmx.
Fahad nu role
kooduthal... lalettn Verum Nokku
Kuthi. Aasif bore aakilla.. climax il
twist onnum aarum
ithil)...Sure itz utter flop of the
my rate 0.5/5
Lalannan Hattricknte Niravil
By : Nagesh

On : 2013-03-21 12:40:24

Oru just Average film
Valare nalla oru first half and mosham second half..
Padam starting okke nannayi.. First scene thanne Fahad intro.. Avide ninnu angot nalla reethiyil padam poyi.. Full Party based aanu..
Chukappu mayam ellayidathum..
Angane suspense nilanirthi kondu...
By : Radha

On : 2013-03-21 12:37:03

1st half goes pretty well setting the stage for investigation. It mainly focusses on the life of Anoop, the character played by Fahad and to some extend the life of Ramesh, the character played by Asif. Both stories are well worked out and is successfull in getting viewers engaged to the same....
By : Seena

On : 2013-03-21 12:20:15

Redwine Review.
For me its an blw avg movie. not bad first half bt second half especially climaax nt upto d mark.. Fahad nu role kooduthal... lalin valuthaayi perform cheyaan onnumilla.. Aasif bore aakilla.. climax il twist onnum aarum rating 1.5 /5
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