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Three Kings (U)

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02 Jul 2011


Three Kings is a comedy movie. In which, Indrajith, Jayasurya and Kunchacko Boban playing three brothers - Shankaran, Bhaskaran and Raman - who simply can't ...
  • real-x 4 years ago

    excuse me 123 thinikku 123 parayane ariyavoo

  • rohan 4 years ago

    three kings was a very comedy film i really enjoyed d film it was just fantastic

  • 123 4 years ago

    the remake of bollywood movie "DHAMAAL"

  • febin 4 years ago

    Few ppl myt lyk dis movie few myt not..this movie is mainly for kids..shud hav released in de vacation..a gud movie..veruthe chirichu..suraj's jail comedy was a gud one! :D..salim kumar was even better..indrajith, chakochan and awesome combi..must appreciate chakochan...he has been doin lots of comedy roles these days..and this is one which he can b proud of..nice movie acc me 2.25/5 which ends with a lil bit of suspense..

  • joseph 4 years ago

    it could have been better. bcoz its a xerox copy of hindi hit film "dhammal". indra you should not be boring like in this film in future it is only for logicless(no relation) laughing this film

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