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26 Aug 2011


Venshangupol is a family movie directed by Ashok R Nath. Nandhan (Suresh Gopi) is a war reporter and Jyothirmayi is playing  the character of  Suresh ...
  • from 3 years ago

    inmalyalam heroes only person who has no movie now to do is sureshgopi.sureshgopi knows only 1 thing in movie either art movies or case anveshanam, no knowledge of other entertaining movies.enough of bharartchandran varnana, thala karngi poi.u r a big looser .

  • abhirami 3 years ago

    Super film.excellent acting sureshgopi,manoj,

  • subin 3 years ago

    Wonderful movie... Absolutely Excellent acting by suresh sir... Climax was really touching...couldn't control my tears... SG should win an award for this wonderful movie... A very good Attempt by director Ashok R. Nath and the crew....

  • sg-fan 3 years ago

    sureshgopi will get def a national award for this movie. 2012 he will surely get a padmashree.

  • laxman 3 years ago

    eee movieee oru vliya hitt thannnee sammmanikkum eeee onathinu suresh gopikku oru nalla cnima athanu venshangupol aniyara pravrthakarkku abimanikkkaavunnna oru nalla cnima yakum theeercha iam lakshmanan dubai