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Veruthe Oru Bharya (U)

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08 Aug 2008


Veruthe Oru Bharya movie  revolves around Sugunan (Jayaram) who is an overseer at the Electricity Board. Sugunan finds a lot of analogies between his life ...
  • x 4 years ago

    FILM VICHARICHA ATHRA VANNILLA.. first half gud....2nd ennu parayam....seemd lik director jus wantd to finish it somhow...athondu lik chumma kittithokke kootti vechu climax ondaakiya polaarunnu :L

  • anu 5 years ago

    y the hell r u talkin abt akashagopuram in veruthe oru bharya page?? although i do agree with u..tht movie z crap.. :P

  • cool-guy 7 years ago

    oh.. Akasha gopuram could be the best drama of the year

  • george 7 years ago

    this surely is 2008's biggest joke...aakashagopuram elected as the best film...oh com on ther any logic in was one of the worst movies of the year...with a very poor screenplay,pathetic direction n even worse can one even treat this as a was like a play with all dialogues lukin lyk they were just translated into malayalam...

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