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Yakshi Faithfully Yours

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14 Dec 2012


Yakshi Faithfully Yours is a fantacy romance film, the main character of the film are inspired from the malayalam mythology work Aithihyamala.The film presents ...
  • aji 3 years ago

    enik gaayatri baijuvinod ore oru chodyame chodikkanullu.. thangal ee cinema kandathaano?theatre il ee cinema etra divsam odi ennenkilum onnanweshikkuka maashe... allaathe veruthe comment adichath kond karyamilla....

  • unknown 3 years ago

    clean story telling method.. new approach..i think the director did justice to his film with a low budget...

  • aneesh 3 years ago

    In the beginning it looked like a good theme but only up to the interval that too comes exactly 25 minutes from the start saying "Have a PUFF and PEE n come back " !!! .Do not think what Abhiram (the Director (!) of the Movie(!!!)) tries to tell in second half . The filim is not a waste of time (as it is only 70 Minutes length :) ). 0.5/5

  • gayathri-baiju 3 years ago

    usual cliche horror padangalkkum appuram...oru "spark" ulla cinema !!! Pachakkal kannulla naagayakshi urakkam keduthum, urappu... Adya attempt enna nilayil abhiramineyum koottukareyum abhinandikkathe vayya... Orupad naalukalkku shesham malayala cinemayil ottu exxageration illatha, over effectso bahalangalo viroopangalo illatha oru nalla yakshi kadha... Ariyathe vishwasichu pokunna, pedichu pokunna yakshi... Pappettanu paranju mathiyavathatendo parayan niyogikkkappetta abhiramine namuk varavelkkam... Iniyum orupad orupad kadhakal ayal parayatte... Ishtapettu :) Orupad ashamsakal :)

  • gayathri-baiju 3 years ago

    A strange experience… I m so happy that no black cats with green eyes ran around…no scary hands peeped from grounds & walls…This is why I call Abhirams “Yakshi Faithfully Yours” a different horror movie… YFY was voyage to a dream world were the emotions & feelings of the yakshi was felt with a glimpse of empathy… Beyond the fantasies, a story of a group of film makers, brave enough to film the suspicious & terrifying Yakshi. The blend with the reality & fantasy in and outside the movie was an interesting aspect. This was attempted for the first time in Malayalam Cinema. The dawdling camera movements of the past and the hasty hardhearted style of present with continues change in the perspective was perfectly done by Jemin Jom Ayyaneth. Time code created confusion. Music was unforgettable throughout the movie. Cast was not satisfactory. Pachakkal Kannulla Sundari… Avanthika… has magnetism in her eyes. But Faizal and Ved were not upto mark. The portion of Madankunju Jijoy his dialogue presentation, though it resembles street pays was so strange and new to our movies. Dialogue presentation was dramatic at times. To the typical Mallu audience, Yakshi may seem unsatisfactory. Still those who have a tinge of madness easily get the spark of the theme. It is a new experience in Malayalam Cinema. Pachakkal Kannulla Naagayakshi…will speed up your heart beats and touch your soul…

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