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Kavya Madhavan's nude Pooja led her to split

Written by: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan has been the hottest topic of discussion in South Indian film circles, ever since she applied for divorce from her recently married husband Nischal Chandran. Many speculations have been made about the causes of rift between Kavya and Nischal. Earlier, it was reported that Nischal's suspicious nature and his authoritative mom's torture were reasons for the split.

Now, the more shocking news is coming out after Galatta.com reported that the pictures and videos of Kavya's special nude pooja were responsible for her break up with Nischal. Galatta reports, "A popular Tamil magazine claims that her marriage bliss was troubled after Nischal obtained some obscene pictures and videos featuring the actress in hot positions from a special nude pooja.

It is said that a few years ago, Kavya had held a special nude pooja, which was performed by a self-proclaimed Swami in Aluva. She had reportedly performed the pooja to secure the No. 1 position in Malayalam. Recently, Kavya's nude pictures and videos shot during the pooja were sent to her husband by her old friend Ammukkutti aka Nandini.

According to the report, Nandini was a manager in a Kozhikode star hotel. She had allegedly shot Kavya's hot scenes during the pooja without her knowledge. Later, she had tried to blackmail Kavya for money, but the actress made a complaint to the hotel management, which fired her. Irked by the incident, she sent the controversial materials to Nischal.

However, no concrete evidences are available to prove this controversial issue.

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