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Malayalam Movies With An English Touch!

Mollywood witness the release of many movies each year. But has anybody bothered to take a look into the titles of each movies? At a glance, we can see that most of the Malayalam movies released/releasing in recent times do not have  Malayalam titles. Most of them bear an English title and some of them even adopt Hindi too.

In Kollywood, the movie will not get any tax benefit unless the film name is in Tamil. But no such rule is practised in Mollywood and that can be a reason for the directors to choose English over Malayalam. One finds it difficult to categorise the language of the film as all of them bears an English or any other language title.

Stating with examples, all the recent released movies like Memories, Ladies And Gentlemen, Ordinary, Salt N Pepper, Diamond Necklace, Classmates, etc., and upcoming movies like To Noor With Love, Bicycle Thieves, Angry Babies In love, etc., all bear English titles. Malayalis seem to have become so used to these tiltes that they don't even bother to know the movie title. People are more interested in knowing the cast and crew before deciding to watch a movie.

Now let's take a look at some of the popular movies that bear English titles in the slideshow...

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