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Review: Left Right Left theatrical trailer looks promising

After Ee Adutha Kalathu, director Arun Kumar Aravind has once again teamed up with scriptwriter Murali Gopi, who has penned another wonderful story for his upcoming movie Left Right Left, which is also a social thriller. Recently, the makers of the film have released the theatrical trailer of the film, which looks promising and thought provoking. It offers a first look at all lead characters in the movie.

Left Right Left is not a story narrated with beginning, middle and end. It simply sketches certain incidents in the life of selected characters, who represent our present society. Set in three periods, the movie narrates the story that happens in 60s/70s, the 80s/90s and the present.

The theme of Left Right Left is about how childhood outline an individual's personalities. The story of the film revolves around a rough and tough Police Sub-Inspector, who is much admired for his gutsy interventions in every panic situation and has certain childhood experiences that make him act likewise.

Besides offering a hint at the outline story of the film, the theatrical trailer of Left Right Left offers a look at getup and nature of various characters. As per the video, the movie has rich production values. Especially, Gopi Sunder's background score and Shehnad Jalal's photography will be a big attractions in the technical front.

We bring you some details about the movie and snapshots taken from the video. Continue to see them in the slide show.

Left Right Left
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