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Kalpana Is Lying, Says AAP Member Jose Maveli

It was quite shocking when the reports claimed that Kalpana is supporting the opponents of her co-star and AMMA president Innocent in the coming Lok Sabha election. There were even photographs which showed Kalpana attending the political meeting organised by AAP. Later, Kalpana denied this news saying that she was unaware of the political meeting, but she attended the function as chairperson of Janaseva Shishu Bhavan. Now, AAP member Jose Maveli has come forward saying that Kalpana is lying.

Kalpana had claimed that she was ignorant of the fact that she was attending the election campaign of the Aam Aadmi Party. She attended the function as chairperson of Janaseva Shishu Bhavan. She also named Jose Maveli, who is the chairman of Janaseva Shishu Bhavan, and his son's presence in the meeting. Now, Jsoe Maveli has come forward claiming that Kalpana is lying.

Jose Maveli slammed Kalpana's statement saying that she was misled. He said that she was very well aware that it was a political meeting and she even wore the cap of AAP. She also wished the AAP candidate Nooruddin victory against Innocent in the coming election.

Jose Maveli also added that he has enough proofs with him to prove what he is saying is the truth. He also said that he strongly believes that Kalpana was forced by someone to change her favour for AAP, to support Innocent, who is more like a Godfather to the actress.

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