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Mohanlal Loses His Footing After Drishyam?

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Mohanlal is the magical actor of Malayalam cinema, who made our industry proud in the National and International platforms, with his immense talent. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of Indian and World cinema.

The actor also owns the credit of delivering the highest ever grosser of Malayalam cinema, with the acclaimed movie Drishyam. The movie was a perfect treat for the die-hard film lovers and is definitely one of the best films in Mohanlal's career.

But after Drishyam, things are a bit different and disappointing when it comes to the Mohanlal films. The actor had 8 releases after Drishyam; but none of the movies managed to meet the expectations of the audience and critics.

When it comes to the box office collections, most of his post-Drishyam films were profitable ventures. Among them, movies like Ennum Eppozhum and Loham were decent box office successes. But, when the quality is considered, sadly most the movies were disappointing.

Among the 8 releases in past two years; Mohanlal played the lead role in 6 movies and made a cameo appearance in the movies Koothara and Rasam. Mohanlal's cameo roles in both films were criticized by the audience and critics.

Especially, his role in Koothara was a shock even to the strict Mohanlal fans; though a small group of audience appreciated his work. When his lead roles are considered; the actor received heavy criticisms for the movie Lailaa O Lailaa.

The highly anticipated project, directed by Joshiy was a hot topic even before the release, due to the 1 year long schedule. But despite the huge expectations; the movie bombed at the box office and has been considered as one of the worst films in Mohanlal's career.

All the true admirers of Mohanlal are heavily disappointed with the actor's films in last two years. Both the audience and media want the actor to concentrate on performance-oriented roles; more than masala flicks. Let's hope that the super-talented actor will bounce back with another brilliant movie soon.

Go through the slides to know the exact status of 8 Mohanlal movies released after Drishyam....

Mr Fraud

Mr Fraud created much hype before the release, as it marked the reunion of Mohanlal and B Unnikrishnan after the successful movie Grandmaster. But the movie was a critical and commercial disaster.


Koothara made the headlines for Mohanlal's extended cameo appearance; that too in an entirely different getup. But the movie failed miserably at the box office and Mohanlal was criticized for being a part of it.


Peruchazhi created a huge hype before the release, for various reasons. But the movie failed to impress the audience and slowly vanished from the theatres after an above-average opening.


Mohanlal made a cameo appearance in the movie as himself. Rasam was another disastrous venture and the movie was heavily criticized for its unbelievable similarities with the Dileep starrer Kalyanaraman

Ennum Eppozhum

The movie was a great relief for Mohanlal after a series of flops. Ennum Eppozhum performed decently at the box office; even though the movie failed to impress a large group of audience and critics.

Lailaa O Lailaa

The movie, which created a huge hype with the 1 year long making period. But despite the huge expectations; it failed miserably. Lailaa O Lailaa is undoubtedly one of the worst films in Mohanlal's career.


Loham failed to impress the audience who expected a Mohanlal-Ranjith signature movie. But the movie was definitely a decent venture and performed fairly well at the box office, despite the mixed reviews.


Kanal has Mohanlal playing a character with negative shades. The movie failed to meet the expectations and ended up as an average flick. The box office collections are also not upto the expectations.

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