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WHAT! Prithviraj Insulted At Asianet Film Awards?

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Prithviraj, the young talent of our industry, bagged almost all the mainstream awards this year. But, Prithviraj's Best Actor award at Asianet Film Awards 2016 has stirred up controversies.

The fans of the actor allege that Asianet insulted him, by intentionally omitting his profile telecast, at the last minute. A small profile of all the award recipients was screened at the event; except Prithviraj's profile.

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WHAT! Prithviraj Insulted At Asianet Film Awards?

It is undoubtedly a huge shock to all the fans and well-wishers of Prithviraj, who were expecting an interesting profile. Even Prithviraj himself was shocked to know that there was no profile show for him.

In the final part of the award ceremony, which was telecasted on February 21st, it was clearly shown that Prithviraj and wife Supriya Menon were anxiously looking into the screen, to watch the profile.

However, it hasn't gone well with the Prithviraj fans and film lovers, who were already miffed with Asianet, for not giving any award to super-talented actor Jayasurya and his movie Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam.

Prithviraj, on the other hand, hasn't commented on the issue yet. Interestingly, like all the previous years, Asianet Film Awards 2016 has already managed to stir up multiple controversies.

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