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The Interesting Case Of Recent Malayalam Movie Titles!

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There is an interesting trend that has recently surfaced in the Malayalam film industry. Any guesses? Yes, it is regarding the titles of recent Malayalam movies.

A close look into the titles of recent malayalm movies would reveal the fact that film-makers are more interested in giving a title which has the names of any of the lead characters in it. Take a look some of the recent recent Malayalam movie titles which have followed this trend.

recent malayalam movies

It has to be noticed that most of the films shown in the above list have turned out to be huge hits. Films like Charlie, Action Hero Biju and Maheshinte Prathikaram went on to be blockbuster.

This is not for the first time that we are witnessing such kind of a trend in the industry. In the past, there was a time when most of the film-makers were highly reluctant on opting a Malayalam title for their films. It was a time when English titles ruled the scene.

With films like Traffic and Salt N Pepper, bringing in fresh waves to the industry, we saw other film-makers following the same trend.

Later, there came a drastic change and we witnessed film-makers getting back to Malayalam titles and innovating with the titles.

Certain filmmakers do follow a particular style in naming their film. For eg: the duo of Siddique-Lal have never given their films a Malayalam title. They have always opted for English titles, which is considered to be a luck factor for them

Siddique and Lal opted to follow the same format, even when they parted their ways to become independent directors.

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