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Paleri Maanikyam- Review

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Paleri Maanikyam: Oru Paathira Kolapaathakathinte Katha
Ranjith is regarded one among those directors who have brought such films that really keep the audience stick to their seats. His latest movie Paleri Maanikyam: Oru Paathira Kolapathakathinte Katha is another feather added to his career. Starring Mega star Mammootty in a double role, the movie is truly based on a novel written by T P Rajeevan.

Haridas (Mammootty) a private detective from Delhi comes to the village Paleri which is in the North of Malabar to reveal the mystery behind the murder of a beautiful woman Maanikyam, who was murdered five decades ago. Sarayu (Gowri Munjal), friend of Haridas, accompanies him on his venture. The story is revealed to the audience through the perspective of Haridas who was born on the same day of murder.

Ahmed Haji (Mammootty) is the rich and harsh landlord who rules Paleri. He did things according to his will. He slept with women whom he wished to. Nobody dared to question him. Maanikyam(Maithily) got married to Pokkan, son of Cheeru(Swetha Menon) and got murdered after a couple of days. All naturally doubted Ahmed Haji but none dared to question him. But Haridas feels some links missing that turn out to be the crucial twist in the film. Mammootty is seen in another role too. But that is left for suspense. Feel that by watching the movie.

The movie is a perfect one to say with an extra ordinary twist that catch the eye of the audience. Mammootty has enacted his roles perfectly. Paleri Maanikyam seems to be a real Maanikyam in Mammootty's career. Swetha Menon appears totally different from her usual appearance. Although the story revolves around the murder of Maanikyam played by Maithily, there is nothing much special to say about the character. Rest of the characters have also done their roles well. The movie is a guaranteed entertainer.

So don't miss the one that is in a theater near you. The movie is sure to haunt you even after watching it.

Movie: Paleri Maanikyam: Oru Paathira Kolapaathakathinte Katha

Cast: Mammootty, Gowri Munjal, Swetha Menon, Maithily, Sreenivasan, Siddique, T Damodaran

Music: Sharath and Biji Bal

Director: Ranjith

Produced by: Varnachitra and AVA Productions

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