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One - Movie Review

One, though an experimental flick by the director Parthan Mohan, bears nothing inventive. The movie seems to convey a message that the characters are not so important, while the place is just right for a horror movie.

Rosin, Vishnu, Vinod, Devika and Sau are five techies by profession. They can be better called as dangerous flirts. One day, they head out to a sinister looking manor on a hilltop for a pleasure trip, a few kilometers away the city. They drag along with them their boss (Jagadeesh), who is struggling to get over a personal tragedy.

On reaching there, they spot an old mansion miles away. All of them get caught in the mansion that locks itself the moment they are in. Things turn against them from this time, and each one of them gets into trouble. The characters are hardly noticed till the interval, after which everything happens all at once. It is the mystery which keeps the audience hooked and nothing else. The movie bears no connectivity with the successive scene. The director has struggled to link the scenes together. The characters alternate between good and bad, especially after the interval.

Directed by debutant Parthan Mohan, the film stars Jagadeesh, Vishnu Nandan, Devika Nambiar, Vinod Menon, Soumya Sadanandan and Rosin Jolly in pivotal roles.

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