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2 hours 46 minutes
19th May, 2017
| Comedy|Romance
Rohith VS
Cast & Crew:
Asif Ali, Bhavana Menon, Aju Varghese, Saiju Kurup, Siddique (a), Srinda Ashab
  • Story

A shy and reserved Omanakuttan works as a customer care executive at a hair oil company and looks up to his boss Chandrasekhar, who inspires him to get out of his comfort and do better in life. One day, Omanakuttan crosses paths with Pallavi, who is his exact opposite. Hailing from a typical reserved Keralite family, Pallavi is rather free-spirited. As the two start spending more time together, a lot of things in their respective lives change, leading to numerous thrilling, fun, and chaotic situations, bringing both of them together.

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