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Sunali explores western influences

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Delhi(UNI): Ghazal singer Sunali Rathore is all set to swing in a new avatar in her new album ''This is Me''. She said the constant craving of an artist for creativity and versatality has led her to release this solo album, where she has experimented with spirited jazz and pop taking a break from mellifluous ghazals. ''I have tried to prepare myself as a versatile singer. On the one hand I have learnt classical music and on the other I have cherished a love for western songs,'' Sunali said while addressing a press conference here.

She said the title, ''This is Me'', wants to introduce the listners to the kind of songs that she has always loved to and wanted to sing apart from ghazals. She was confident that the younger generation would love the melody of the songs. Sunali said though she wanted to come out with a western music album much earlier, her success as a ghazal singer, ironically, came on the way as the market pressure restricted her from diversifying. The album is a result of a year and a half planning, during which watched videos of Jennifer Lopez and of her inspiration Madonna, attended live jazz performances, sweated it out in the gym and went for a complete makeover.

About the absence of Roop Kumar Rathore from the album Sunali said with a smile that though they have performed together in many functions this album is all about her personal liking and gives voice to her long cherished love for western songs.

There are seven songs in the album, which has music by Leslie Lewis and lyrics by Mehboob. The idea of including Lewis in this album was given to Sunali by none other Asha Bhonsle, whom she lovongly calls ''Asha tai''. Though satisfied with the new experiment with her voice and style, Sunali says she still has ''miles to go''. About her future projects she said she would like to carry this process forward and create an audience in the international market as well. She also dreams of setting up her own band considering that she had miraculously got back her voice after losing it in her adolescence nothing seems impossible for the enterprising singer.

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