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Anastacia seems happier than ever

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London (ANI): American singer songwriter Anastacia has been away from the limelight for almost five years, and on returning she revealed that she has never felt happier. The Little Lady with The Big Voice had previously released new music every couple of years, but stopped from 2004 onwards. She is now back and in an exclusive interview, revealed that she is happier than ever after the break, during which she married her bodyguard of three years Wayne Newton.

"I'm sorry to all my fans who were wondering what was happening. I just wanted a little time out to enjoy married life and to reflect on life," the Sun quoted her as saying. Asked about how it felt to be married and if she plans on having any children, Anastacia said: "Yes, there is a totally different vibe. I have wonderful security and hope we'll grow old together. I'll be sitting there with my crows feet and about two feet shorter. I really love being married," she said.

"I'm not claiming I'm going to make it forever. I'm just saying that I'm going to try. We both have no idea what the situation is going to be like in ten years. Wayne and I have chosen not to have children. My husband has two boys already that I've grown very close to. It's an aspect of my life that I've chosen not to explore. He's still my bodyguard we really feel ok that our commitment to each other is just based on us and his two kids," she added.

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