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Are Miley's parents concerned about her sexual acts?

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Miley Cyrus
The teenager pop star Miley Cyrus has been hitting headlines these days for her constant effort to appear like an adult woman. The 17-year-old Cyrus has been showing off her assets partially at some event and then exposed her panties during her performance, which have attracted many eye balls.

There is huge speculation about these sexual acts of the 'Hannah Montana" star. A group of critics think that Miley is doing it only to grab some attention of her parents, who are in the verge of separating from each other. On October 26, 2010, Miley"s dad Billy Ray Cyrus filed a divorce from his wife Tish Cyrus, whom he married in 1992. The couple has three children including Miley.

Miley is naturally not happy with this development in her parents" life and is supposedly trying to keep them together for the sake of her siblings and herself. She might have thought that if her parents see her going wrong way, they might change their decision and unite again to support their kids. But is this true? And if it is so, then are Billy and Tish really bothered about these acts of her? Miley has been trying to behave like a matured woman since 2009, when she first tried to cultivate the adult image by releasing 'The Time of Our Lives".

So, it is nothing new for her parents and they seem to be hardly bothered about these acts. We can consider these acts of her as usual routine tricks applied by all female stars.

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