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Pixie pretends to be a student to get movie tickets!

Pixie Lott
London, (ANI): English singer Pixie Lott pretends to be a student so that she can avail discounts on movie tickets. The 19-year-old Mama Do hit maker left college to focus on her singing career. But Pixie sometimes wishes she remained a student so that she could enjoy perks, reports The Daily Star.

 "When I went to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon I wanted to get in half-price like my friends, so I pretended to be a student, but they knew who I was," said Pixie. "I keep getting recognized now, even when I went out for dinner with my parents a few nights ago, I was sat there in my comfy clothes and boots and everybody kept coming up to me all the time! I don''t mind it though," she added.

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