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Aayirathil Oruvan (U/A)

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14 Jan 2010


Ayirathil Oruvan features Paruthiveeran Karthik Shivakumar and Reema Sen in the lead.. It is a scientific thriller story. Reema Sen has acting the role of a ...
  • sss 6 years ago

    this is worst movie in tamil its full of vulgar reema sen, parthiban r always removing their dresses is this better than slumdog? i have watched slumdog 5 to 10 times but i cant even watch ayirathil oruvan once

  • hahz 6 years ago

    i totally agree with u

  • hawkieye 6 years ago

    Common guys,u gotta see it to believe it..

  • chandru 6 years ago

    the story and concept is oky but Definitely Director Selvaragavan must be a pervert and psychopath as others commented he just copied lots of scenes from ten different english movies. the chols at far distant island shold have ploghed the land for food and not begged for meat as was portryed in the film

  • jts 6 years ago

    AvvaiShanmugi = Mrs.Doubtfire. You guys enjoyed with no critics, because u got all masala u needed there. Stop talking nonsense, just watch and enjoy the way it was taken with kind of mass and effort they put in in a indian film particularly Tamil movie

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