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17 Feb 2012


Ambuli which is being claimed as the 'first stereoscopic Tamil 3D thriller'. Actor Parthiban is all set to play the lead role in a film. Written and directed ...
  • jay-malaysia 4 years ago

    Hi there..am anticipating in this upcoming movie which I believe will set a high standard in Indian cinema. Being said that, I would just wanted to clearify whether this movie is based on M.Night Syamalan's 'Village' or it's completely original story? If you don't mind sir..

  • dinesh-ravichandran 4 years ago

    Hello Sir, I'm associate director of this film AMBULI 3D. In this site you've mentioned November 2012 as release date... Thats not true.. I don't know through what source you got this information. It is definitely wrong... We're planning to release the movie by November or December. I'll let you know the actual date as soon as its fixed. Please remove the false information as it is the source of many official sites. Please do the needful. Thanks in Advance Dinesha Ravichandran

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