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Buddhanin Sirippu

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05 Jun 2015


Buddhanin Sirippu (aka) Buddhanin Siripu is a Tamil movie direction by Victor Davidson with production by Suresh Sakaria. The cast of Buddhanin Sirippu ...
  • common man 12 months ago

    I don't know what to say about this movie. I felt we all over India has a lot of challenge in the coming future.

    It also stresses that it's the time to change the system of whole government.

    But I think this film only reveals about 5% of our problem. Still sources of errors was not discovered or actions taken.

    It shows only the consequences of ignoring the problems as well as gives a threat of normal humans devil power towards the destruction of nation.

    Anyways all over, an entertainment with some facts of informations.

    All the best to the team.

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