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Endhiran (U)

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01 Oct 2010


Endhiran, Rajni plays dual roles. One is a scientist and the other is a Robot. Scientist Rajni creates a Robot with artificial intelligence – like that ...
  • Rajinisreedhar 4 months ago

    Hi Raghu pls told to stupid words mindit

  • Rajinisreedhar 4 months ago

    Serupalaya adipen dog\

  • anand 4 years ago

    ur a animal

  • rani 4 years ago

    not only tamil people watch these movies mal people also watch tamil movies.and dont simply tease tamil people.patti kazhutha.

  • rani 4 years ago

    ooohoho.you teased rajinikanth and tamil people too.YOU SAID YOU KNOW ABOUT TECHNICAL WISE.THEN MAKE A MOVIE AND SHOW US .AND DONT SIMPLY TEASE TAMIL PEOPLE. DONT BE SO OVERSMART RAGHU IDIOT. neeeeee pda thendi patti kazhuthe.nee ente vaayennu theri kettite povu alleedaa patti. avante oru technical wise.

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